The first in a series of boombastic, reggae fantastic podcasts. This month find new tracks from Boards of Canada, Rustie and Hookworms, mixed in with some oldies and a variety of audio montage spanning Thunderbirds, Frankie Knuckles and Alan Partridge, as well as a sneak preview of our interview with Drenge. YESS IT’S AN EXTENDER!


00.24 sneak preview of Rain Cymbals interview with Drenge
00.38 [Drenge recommendation] Hookworms - Radio Tokyo
04.20 The Big Sleep - Horseplay
04.59 Nia Keturah - Control (p/ Wino Willy)
08.27 Pharrell on Daft Punk - Get Lucky
08.36 Alan Partridge’s hot topic
08.46 Thunderbirds are go
09.05 Lindstrøm - Rà-àkõ-st
15.30 Boards of Canada - Tomorrow’s Harvest 
15.38 David Firth - Sock 2: ptikobj
18.39 David Firth - Spoilsbury Toast Boy -2
19.17 Dutch Rhythm, Steel & Show Band - Down By The River
19.21 madwhitejamaican - Slap Chop Jamaican
24.24 Frankie Knuckles ‘poor man’s paradise’
24.45 Source Direct ‘we just used to like do our own thing’
24.59 Leon Vynehall - Sister (from Will Saul’s Essential Mix)
28.52 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
29.01 Rustie - Triadzz
32.26 Serenity: Wash - ‘I’m a leaf on the wind’
32.31 Jaga Jazzist & The Britten Sinfonia - One-Armed Bandit

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